Rearrangement of Sanctuary

In 1969 the first major changes to the new church were made. These changes came about because of orders from the Vatican Council of 1963 and were undertaken by the parish priest from 1963 to 1972, Fr. John Concannon. These changes resulted in the removal of the high altar, with its columns and canopy and the tabernacle was moved to the right of the Sanctuary. These changes, at the time were not to the satisfaction of all and some say that they came too soon.

The church after this time remained for the most part, unchanged, until in 1996 when a large rearrangement of the church was taken on by Fr. Michael Goaley. During this time of change the church underwent a complete rejuvenation. The Altar, Tabernacle and Baptismal font were replaced with new ones made from Portuguese sand stone, the Tabernacle was moved back to the centre Sanctuary behind the new Altar and the three sanctuaries were repainted and decorated to tie the new look of the church together.

Those involved in the redesigning were Deirdre Ní Tuairisg (Design Artist), Glenman Construction Corporation and Feelystone-Stonemasons. On the 19th of January 1997 a mass during which the Archbishop Michael Neary blessed the new sanctuary was held. It was the first of many that the people of Glenamaddy would celebrate in the newly decorated church, which they can all be proud of.

At the moment there is one priest in the parish, Fr. Anthaiah Pudota (Parish Priest).

© Fr. Anthaiah Pudota, Glenamaddy Church



Baptismal Font - right of altar